• Cleaning Equipment

    • Indoor

      • Add 1Remove 1Bee Mop with Built In Wringer

        Bee Mop with Built In Wringer
        The original! Cleans thoroughly with easy wringing - no need to ruin those soft, supple hands.

      • Add 1Remove 1Bucket - 4 Gallon

        Bucket - 4 Gallon
        Buckets: you can carry 'em, put stuff in 'em, wear 'em on your head. The possibilities are truly endless.

      • Add 1Remove 1Butt Bucket

        Butt Bucket
        Heavy-duty steel with 8-quart capacity holds a whole lotta butts. Clean one of these beauties out after a series- long rental and you'll never smoke again!

      • Add 1Remove 1Corn Broom

        Corn Broom
        Heavy-duty all purpose corn broom, perfect for general cleanup or the witches on set.

      • Add 1Remove 1Dry Mop - 28"

        Dry Mop - 28"
        Make all your janitorial fantasies come true! 60" handle, 24" washable cotton head. Great for cleaning large smooth surfaces such as gym floors and hallways.

      • Add 1Remove 1Floor Sweeper

        Floor Sweeper

      • Add 1Remove 1Garbage Can - 20 Gallon

        Garbage Can - 20 Gallon
        20 gallon capacity, heavy-duty polyethylene construction. Rubbermaid Brute quality. Yellow for easy identification and extra flamboyance. Shown with optional lid. 30"X38" garbage bag fits like buttah.

      • Add 1Remove 1Janitor's Bucket with Wringer

        Janitor's Bucket with Wringer
        Commercial quality bucket & wringer for quick and easy cleanup. 4 non-marking casters makes moving it easy and super-fun.

      • Add 1Remove 1Janitors Mop - 16oz Head

        Janitors Mop - 16oz Head
        Heavy-duty plastic or wood handle. Synthetic mop head for cleaning up the big, nasty, gross spills.

      • Add 1Remove 1Lobby Dust Pan with Mini Broom

        Lobby Dust Pan with Mini Broom
        A PA's best friend! Makes set cleanup a snap - no more bending or stooping. Posture is important, after all.

      • Add 1Remove 1Magnetic Broom

        Magnetic Broom
        24" heavy-duty magnet picks up everything metal in its path - perfect for clearing parking lots and construction sites before the unit and crew arrives. Not-so-good for finding spare change under couch cushions (yeah, we tried).

      • Add 1Remove 1Organic Green Bin

        Organic Green Bin
        Just like the one you have at home! Now you can feel all righteous & smug about saving the planet while you're at work, too.

      • Add 1Remove 1Push Broom

        Push Broom
        All purpose push broom – 14" wide. Available with soft bristles for inside work and stiff bristles for outside work. Fun to run into people with.

      • Add 1Remove 1Recycle Can with Lid - 20 Gallon

        Recycle Can with Lid - 20 Gallon
        20 gallon capacity, heavy-duty polyethylene construction. Rubbermaid Brute quality. Recycling blue for easy identification. Snap tight lid with a hole for bottles and cans (though people will inevitably cram styrofoam take-out containers in it). A 30"X38" clear recycling bag fits nicely.

      • Add 1Remove 1Shop Vac - 5 Gallon with Accessories

        Shop Vac - 5 Gallon with Accessories
        The original wet/dry vac doesn't just suck - it blows, too. This little beast packs a wallop. 5 gallon capacity, 7.25 amps. Comes with funky, essential accessories like an 8' hose, two piece wand extension, and combination wet/dry floor nozzle

      • Add 1Remove 1Shop Vac - 8 Gallon with Accessories

        Shop Vac - 8 Gallon with Accessories
        Heavy duty contractor version

      • Add 1Remove 1Squeegee with Rubber Blade

        Squeegee with Rubber Blade
        48" Long wood handle. Ideal for cleaning up spills and moving water off parking lots, concrete and other smooth surfaces.

      • Add 1Remove 1Wet Floor Sign

        Wet Floor Sign
        Achtung! Attention! Cuidado! Lightweight safety yellow plastic with "Wet Floor" logo on both sides. 25" Wide for use in narrow areas.

    • Outdoor

      • Power Equipment

        • Add 1Remove 1Lawnmower - Gas

          Lawnmower - Gas
          Frustrated? Need to vent? Go slaughter some grass with Toro's best line of walk-behind power mowers. We promise you'll feel better.

        • Add 1Remove 1Leaf Blower/Vacuum - Gas

          Leaf Blower/Vacuum - Gas
          Hand-held, lightweight yet powerful blower easily converts to a vacuum. The leaves won't know what hit 'em.

        • Add 1Remove 1Snow Blower - 24" - Gas

          Snow Blower - 24"	 - Gas
          A necessary evil when shooting in Hollywood North. 24" cutting width. Heavy-duty steel auger and impeller. Electric assist starting.

        • Add 1Remove 1Weed Eater Grass Trimmer - Gas

          Weed Eater Grass Trimmer - Gas
          Heavy-duty grass/light brush trimmer. Unique trimmer head design cuts more efficiently and won't jam. Uses mixed gas. Comes with safety glasses and hearing protection, because we love you.

      • Yard Tools

        • Add 1Remove 1Crow Bar

          Crow Bar

        • Add 1Remove 1Grain Scoop

          Grain Scoop
          4 out of 5 people who regularly move snow and other light granulated materials agree - this lightweight scoop is perfect for moving snow and other light granulated materials. Poly blade, D-grip, hardwood handle.

        • Add 1Remove 1Ice Chipper

          Ice Chipper
          Forget fancy-schmantzy gyms - get a traditional Canadian workout with this heavy-duty ice chipper/sidewalk scraper. Forged and tempered 7" steel blade. Counts as both strength and cardio.

        • Add 1Remove 1Leaf Rake

          Leaf Rake
          48" hardwood handle with 30 tooth, 24" steel head. Durable spring coil for smooth raking action over flat or uneven surfaces. One-piece tempered steel tines for flexibility and durability. Who knew there was so much to say about a rake?

        • Add 1Remove 1Pitch Fork

          Pitch Fork
          Weapon of choice for angry village mobs. Can be used in conjunction with a torch and/or wooden stake.

        • Add 1Remove 1Pruning Shears

          Pruning Shears
          Let nature know who's boss! Wayward branches and out-of-control brush don't stand a chance. Telescoping handles let you hack away with ease.

        • Add 1Remove 1Pry Bar

          Pry Bar
          5' long. Perfect for moving parking curbs and other really heavy stuff.
          Please note: Will not work on producer's wallet

        • Add 1Remove 1Sand-Gravel Rake

          Sand-Gravel Rake
          A rake that means business. Great for leveling, pushing and pulling soil and removing debris. 48" hardwood handle with a 14 tine, 14" wide head. Tempered steel head for rugged strength and durability.

        • Add 1Remove 1Shovel - Round Point

          Shovel - Round Point

        • Add 1Remove 1Shovel - Square Point

          Shovel - Square Point

        • Add 1Remove 1Snow Shovel - Push Style

          Snow Shovel - Push Style
          When you're serious about snow removal. Like, really serious. Dirty Harry serious.

        • Add 1Remove 1Snow Shovel - Scoop Style

          Snow Shovel - Scoop Style
          When you're serious about snow removal, but prefer a gentler, non-violent approach.

        • Add 1Remove 1Spreader - Wheeled

          Spreader - Wheeled
          Spread even more love! Perfect for putting down ice melter, salt or sand on parking lots and sidewalks.

        • Add 1Remove 1Trash Stick

          Trash Stick

        • Add 1Remove 1Trash Tongs

          Trash Tongs

Because we’re always updating and upgrading our inventory, some items may not be exactly as they appear.