• Miscellaneous Rentals

    • Add 1Remove 1Appliance Dolly

      Appliance Dolly
      Transport dangerous actors with ease.
      Straight-jacket and Hannibal Lecter-bite guard not included.
      Ratcheting belt secures the appliance to the dolly
      8" semi-pneumatic wheels
      24x5" noseplate
      800-lb. capacity

    • Add 1Remove 1Bolt Cutters - Heavy Duty

      Bolt Cutters - Heavy Duty
      Cut wire mesh, bolts, & thick, unmanageable hair!
      Hardened alloy steel jaws for long blade life
      One-step internal cam mechanism keeps cutting blades aligned
      Handles and grips allow greater mechanical advantage for controlled cutting

    • Add 1Remove 1Bull Horn - Megaphone - Large

      Bull Horn - Megaphone - Large
      Private, polite conversations are rarely productive.
      Use our largest bull horn/megaphone to really get your point across!
      Power output: 15W Rated / 23W Max.
      6 'C' batteries last an average of 14 hrs
      Range: 1000' (speech)
      High durability ABS makes it compact and lightweight

    • Add 1Remove 1Bull Horn - Megaphone - Small

      Bull Horn - Megaphone - Small
      Scream your head off, but in a slightly scaled down way.
      Power Output: 6W Rated / 10W Max.
      8 AA batteries (8 hrs)
      Range: 825' (speech)
      High durability ABS construction makes it compact and lightweight

    • Add 1Remove 1Cable Mat - Indoor

      Cable Mat - Indoor

    • Add 1Remove 1Cable Mat - Outdoor

      Cable Mat - Outdoor

    • Add 1Remove 1Camo Netting - 10'X20'

      Camo Netting - 10'X20'
      Desperately need some shut-eye?
      Grab one of these puppies and head for the woods.
      Foliage-like realism
      Perforated material masks the object you're trying to conceal
      Non-glare finish
      Polyurethane coating for all-season waterproof performance
      Green & brown
      Comes in an easy to carry duffel bag
      Size: 10'X20' (Approximate)

    • Add 1Remove 1Camo Netting - 20'X20'

      Camo Netting - 20'X20'
      Same netting, only bigger!

    • Add 1Remove 1Coffee Urn - 42 Cup

      Coffee Urn - 42 Cup
      The single most important item on set.
      Makes 12 to 42 cups
      Ready-to-serve light
      Easy to fill with 2-way dispenser
      Twist-lock lid and large handles
      Removable cord
      Easy to clean and store

    • Add 1Remove 1Cooler - 45 Litre

      Cooler - 45 Litre
      Second only to the coffee urn in on-location importance.
      Friction fit hinged lid
      Two-way sliding handles for easy lifting
      Holds 2L bottles upright
      Polyurethane foam insulation
      45L or 60 can capacity
      Ideal for tech surveys & craft service

    • Add 1Remove 1Ditty Cart

      Ditty Cart
      Holds a whole bunch of important crap.

    • Add 1Remove 1Dolly Ramp

      Dolly Ramp
      The Kurb Ramp is 21.5" wide x 23.5" long x 6" high - 7#
      Hangs on most hand trucks
      Manufactured in USA
      High Impact co-polymer plastic
      Diamond tread non-skid surface
      Helps prevent lower back injuries
      Lower workers compensation claims
      Increased driver satisfaction
      on-skid surface that helps keep the ramp in place as you wheel your hand truck smoothly and seamlessly over the curb

    • Add 1Remove 1Extension Ladder - 25'

      Extension Ladder - 25'
      Durable non-conductive fiberglass side rails in high visibility safety orange
      Slip-resistant serrated “D” rungs for safe climbing and comfort
      Traditional raise from the rear pulley design
      Heavy-duty rung locks
      Large heavy-duty pivot feet with slip-resistant rubber pads and ice pick

    • Add 1Remove 1Garden Hose - 50' - Black

      Garden Hose - 50' - Black
      Garden hoses enable you to tap into and direct a powerful stream of pure dihydrogen monoxide, allowing for a multitude of creative applications.
      Heavy duty, 3/4" contractor grade with brass end fittings

    • Add 1Remove 1Hydrant Gate & Key

      Hydrant Gate & Key
      Let it flow....or not flow as the case may be.
      Required when you apply for your hydrant permit with the city works department
      Comes in an easy to carry tool box
      "No charge" loan to locations departments

    • Add 1Remove 1Laundry Tub - 4 Wheel - Heavy Duty

      Laundry Tub - 4 Wheel - Heavy Duty
      This rolling grip bin is great for hauling all sorts of crap around.

    • Add 1Remove 1Make Up Mirror

      Make Up Mirror
      “Vanity is my favourite sin.” (Al Pacino)

    • Add 1Remove 1On Location/Sandwich Board Sign - Blank

      On Location/Sandwich Board Sign - Blank
      Say it with feeling - say it with a sandwich board!
      Shoulder straps, goofy costume and flyers are extra
      Built in hinge-handle makes carrying easy
      Plain white, ready for you add your signage
      Dimensions: 24"W X 36"T
      Having custom signs made?:
      Make them 24" wide & 32" tall to accommodate the cut out at the bottom
      We have the "Smile! You're on camera" wording if you need it

    • Add 1Remove 1Pole Cat/Auto Pole - Expandable

      Pole Cat/Auto Pole - Expandable
      This durable monopod is the weapon of choice for impromptu on-set jousting tournaments
      Spring loaded with a lever lock easily expands between the floor and ceiling
      White rubber pads reduce damage to sensitive surfaces
      Handy for hanging corrugated cardboard or drop sheets close to a wall, without actually touching it

    • Add 1Remove 1Rolling Stand - 2K

      Rolling Stand - 2K

    • Add 1Remove 1Sand Bag - 20LB - Saddle Type

      Sand Bag - 20LB - Saddle Type
      He aint heavy - he's my sandbag.

    • Add 1Remove 1Set Dec Dolly - 4 Wheel

      Set Dec Dolly - 4 Wheel
      Mark our words - one day, the downhill dolly-luge will be an Olympic sport.

    • Add 1Remove 1Sledge Hammer - 10LB

      Sledge Hammer - 10LB
      Take your frustrations out!
      Perfect for causing general mayhem and destruction.

    • Add 1Remove 1Sound Blanket

      Sound Blanket
      Perfect for catching a mid afternoon nap in the back of the locations cube.

    • Add 1Remove 1Sprayer - Hand Held

      Sprayer - Hand Held

    • Add 1Remove 1Sprayer - Heavy Duty

      Sprayer - Heavy Duty

    • Add 1Remove 1Staple Gun

      Staple Gun

    • Add 1Remove 1Step Ladder - 10'

      Step Ladder - 10'
      Durable non-conductive “C” channel front rails in high visibility safety orange
      Super tough top step for strength and durability - just don't stand on it!
      Wide 3” slip-resistant serrated aluminum steps for safe climbing
      Heavy-duty slip-resistant safety feet

    • Add 1Remove 1Step Ladder - 6'

      Step Ladder - 6'
      Same as above, but 6'.

    • Add 1Remove 1Step Ladder - 8'

      Step Ladder - 8'
      Still the same, but 8'.

    • Add 1Remove 1Storage Bin - Plastic - Heavy Duty

      Storage Bin - Plastic - Heavy Duty
      Not only can you put stuff IN this beauty, you can take it OUT too. What's more, you can put the stuff you took out, back in!

    • Add 1Remove 1Submersible Pump - 110V

      Submersible Pump - 110V
      Love can move mountains, but it can't move water. This can.

    • Add 1Remove 1Super Dolly with Tongue - 3 Position Cart

      Super Dolly with Tongue - 3 Position Cart
      The Ferrari of two wheel dollies!
      Unbeatable Magliner quality
      Easily converts from a two-wheel hand truck to either a four-wheel platform truck or an inclined four-wheel truck
      Flat aluminum "tongue" slides under stacks of chairs for easy pick up
      Full pneumatic tires and swivel casters
      Capacity: 500 lbs. as a hand truck; 750 lbs. as a platform truck

    • Add 1Remove 1Two Wheel Dolly with Tongue

      Two Wheel Dolly with Tongue
      The K-Car of two wheel dollies!
      1", 16-ga. welded steel tubing
      14x8" noseplate
      Folding tongue increases versatility and capacity
      500-lb. capacity with pneumatic wheels

    • Add 1Remove 1Umbrella - Large Golf Style

      Umbrella - Large Golf Style
      Do your best Gene Kelly impression!
      Large 64" diameter nylon microfiber canopy
      Keeps the rain and the sun off you and your equipment

    • Add 1Remove 1Wardrobe Mirror - 3 Way

      Wardrobe Mirror - 3 Way
      Superior reflection technology proven to make insecure actors appear larger than they are.

    • Add 1Remove 1Wardrobe Rack - Rolling

      Wardrobe Rack - Rolling
      For clothes on the move.

    • Add 1Remove 1Wardrobe Steamer

      Wardrobe Steamer
      Makes clothes look new again!
      (Note: does not make old actors look new again)
      High-velocity jets steam wrinkles out of garments, drapes
      Fast, easy alternative to ironing; rolls on sturdy casters
      1300 watts; heats up in one minute; 5-foot hose with heavy duty steam head
      Rod hangs garments above steamer
      Removable 1 gallon water tank for over 2 hours of steaming time
      For best results use distilled water

    • Add 1Remove 1Wheelbarrow


Because we’re always updating and upgrading our inventory, some items may not be exactly as they appear.