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    • Add 1Remove 1Fogger/Smoker - LeMaitre Show Fogger Pro

      Fogger/Smoker - LeMaitre Show Fogger Pro
      Continuous fog output & strong whisper-quiet pump
      Large one-gallon integrated fluid tank provides hours of smoke
      Built-in handle, 4" hose adaptor
      Full function timer/remote control
      Custom built carrying case with built-in wheels and retractable handle
      Comes with 4L of Director's Choice™ water based fog fluid

    • Add 1Remove 1Tornado Fan - Variable Speed

      Tornado Fan - Variable Speed
      Blow 'em away - literally.
      Tubular steel contruction
      Steel air straighter
      Durable textured powder coat finish
      Enclosed & isolated DC electric motor
      Inverted operation means the fan cools the motor as it operates
      Finely tuned fan blade
      Electronic frequency controller
      Heavy duty yoke with spigot
      Rolling stand available

    • Add 1Remove 1Varibeam Fan - Variable Speed

      Varibeam Fan - Variable Speed
      Big-time wind in a small package.
      Adjustable speed control
      One touch blast button
      Adjustable beam focus - go from a focused to flood beam at the touch of a dial
      Heavy duty yoke with a spigot for stand mounting
      Power Requirements: 110V/4A
      Peak Velocity: 22 mph at 10'
      Focused Beam: 10 degrees (3.5 foot diameter beam at 10')
      Flood: 45 degrees (8ft beam at 10')

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