• Work Lights & Electrical

    • Work Lights

      • Add 1Remove 1Clip Light - 150W

        Clip Light - 150W
        For smaller, scary spaces. 150 watt single bulb weatherproof fixture. Hook & clamp for easy mounting.

      • Add 1Remove 1Wobble Light

        Wobble Light
        Bright, durable, and virtualy indestructable; the Wobble Light is a self-righting, highly durable work light that takes a severe beating from grips, vehicles and drops.

      • Add 1Remove 1Work Light - 500W - Single Low

        Work Light - 500W - Single Low
        A whole lotta light in a cute little package. 500 watt single bulb weatherproof fixture lights up to 5,000 sq. ft. 8' heavy duty cord, built-in handle.

      • Add 1Remove 1Work Light - 500W X 2 - Double High

        Work Light - 500W X 2 - Double High
        Double your pleasure, double your fun with two 500 watt single bulb weatherproof fixtures. Lights up to 10,000 sq. ft. 8' heavy duty cord. Adjustable steel base extends to 48" high. Integrated adjustment arms provide quick, precise control of each light, and two on/off switches let you operate each light independently.

    • Electrical Accessories

      • Add 1Remove 1Extension Cord - 50'

        Extension Cord - 50'
        Who doesn't love a good extension cord? 50' length, heavy-duty 12/3 gauge wire. Velcro Cord Lox™ for easy coiling and storage. Comes in yellow, orange or purple for easy identification.

      • Add 1Remove 1Power Bar - 6 Outlet

        Power Bar - 6 Outlet
        Ahh, the humble power bar. So simple, yet so awesome. 6 grounded receptacles, surge protection, lighted switch with integrated breaker, 24" heavy duty power cord.

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